Monday, August 17, 2009

When a whole heart expatiates

After all this while
I laugh at all things
Showering care, harvesting love
Stretching my capacity to the fullest

But eversince your presence
I started to change things
Getting into what i seldomly did
Beseeched, implored until i was blue in the face
Despite against something inexorable

Somehow the sadness claims its triumph
To trickle down my tears
Dragging me into defeat
I mourned, it was so gloomy
Upon everything, are these what people call madness?

Yet still,
I long you to be by my side
Reminiscing you is what i love to do
As long as i can breath
As long as my feet can stroll down the pavement
I do hereby pledge
to keep you paramount always i will
though i don't know your whereabout
I want you to hear that i really miss you

O God
I really need an understanding heart
going back to square one
To begin a fresh new start

p/s: This poem is not intended to anybody. Everything in this poem is just fictional.=)