Monday, August 17, 2009

When a whole heart expatiates

After all this while
I laugh at all things
Showering care, harvesting love
Stretching my capacity to the fullest

But eversince your presence
I started to change things
Getting into what i seldomly did
Beseeched, implored until i was blue in the face
Despite against something inexorable

Somehow the sadness claims its triumph
To trickle down my tears
Dragging me into defeat
I mourned, it was so gloomy
Upon everything, are these what people call madness?

Yet still,
I long you to be by my side
Reminiscing you is what i love to do
As long as i can breath
As long as my feet can stroll down the pavement
I do hereby pledge
to keep you paramount always i will
though i don't know your whereabout
I want you to hear that i really miss you

O God
I really need an understanding heart
going back to square one
To begin a fresh new start

p/s: This poem is not intended to anybody. Everything in this poem is just fictional.=)


  1. yeah .. first post .. revert to the virtuous love ..

  2. i know....thanks for the reminder...=)

  3. hoi ni poem yg ko wat tok patient ko dlu ke? ekekeke =)

  4. aish....mane ade...yg poem tuh dulu yg laen...
    dah name pn poem dr org yg same...mesti la gaye lebeh kurang....

    ni laen paeh...u know well..

  5. AMIRUL ASYRAF!!!!!!

    considering that there is no other poet's name stated up there, Im assuming you wrote this yourself?

    Ya Allahhh, jelesnyaaaa! I didnt know you could write so well! Aaaaa malulah saya sebagai pelajar tesl camni. :(

    p/s: I dont even know what expatiates mean. *sigh*

  6. Nurul 'Azieyati!!

    yeah..i wrote it by myself...3 days 3 nights..=)

    hahahahaha....that was too much azie.....thanks to you also, i could write at this stage..
    kamu kan sifu saya di sekolah dulu..=p
    jgnla jeles..hehehehe...

    p/s: that's the new word i came across last week..=)

  7. syerap...soalan pembuka bicara....
    awat hang punye gender female kt profile????! lama x jumpa hg,da buat surgery ka? =P

    btw, beautiful phrases... ^_^

    keep on blogging mate!
    (wahhh da gaya OZ tuh!)

  8. hahahahaha.....mmg pembuka bicara sungguh..aku pun xperasan...nasib hg sedar...hahahaha....

    ececece...lama xjumpa konon...hahahaha...

    aku post ni pn sbb paeh paksa...hahahaha....

  9. syerapppppppppppppppppppppppp
    welcome to the club