Tuesday, September 8, 2009

As I look into your eyes

As I look into your eyes, I am nothing but astonished,
I learnt about your past and how it finished,
How you got hurt and used, it is blatantly evil,
And i guess it is painful and periled.

You deserve better, if not always and forever,
You said you didn't care, but you couldn't bare,
I wonder isn't it such a scare.

Let me into your life and I'll show you that I care,
Like an endless dream I'll always be there,
I can be the cynosure to walk by,
As your companion till I die,
I know we are busy but please make time,
Working so much should be a crime.

You need time alone, and some time to think,
Let your feelings out, get the problems shrinked,
Forget about the past and look into the future,
I know you are not ready, and I'm not pushing you,
Just wanted to let you know that i'll always be with you.

I find the serenity in you, Alhamdulillah i say thank you,
Though intersection always exist between me and you,
Believe me, everything happens according to His dictation,
Let's pray to Him, grant us a pacified vision,
So our relationship proceeds into amelioration.


p/s: This poem is not intended to anybody. Everything in this poem is just fictional.=)


  1. Ya Allah, Amirul. Im just out of words. This is just simply amazingly beautiful.

    Looking forward for more!

  2. this mirul guy has done it again! i could see the feelings inside you! =P
    and wats with amelioration? term medic ke?

  3. alahai syerap! hahaa menarik sgt kot... ^.^


  4. Azie: I doubt whether there will be more to come...huhuhu..
    but thanks alot azie..asyik bg compliment jek...xde critics??

    Faes: amelioration means getting better...not medical terms i suppose..but people usually use that...
    anyway....that's not my feeling....again that's not my feeling....huhuhuh....
    this is simple mere poem, not intended to anybody and it is fictional..=p

    Nurul: hahahaha...thanks la khus...biasa aja...

  5. syerap!!!!!!!..
    well done...
    smoge jadi kurus balik.. =p

  6. just fictional huh? doubt that..no poems can be written beautifully without feelings...hehe.no harm in admitting u got one ;p well done, great piece :) -padhi

  7. our voice: ape pasal tetibe ckp pasal kurus ni...hahaha...kompem ko ni yunus..mari kurus sama2...

    padhi: yeah..it is fictional..=p
    thanks ya...=)

  8. Who? Me? Criticize? No waaay. I wouldnt be able to write half as good as this. :)

    Mirul, mana new post? Why stop?